Corporate Social Responsibility

Silver Star Foundation

Brightsun Travel is proud to announce its partnership with Silver Star Diabetes. Mr. Deepak Nangla (MD) donated a cheque for £3000 to Bollywood Megastar Shah Rukh Khan after he took his test for diabetes in support of charity. Brightsun Travel?s donation had kick-started the appeal for the 5th Silver Star Mobile Diabetes Unit.?

Silver Star Diabetes is a registered Charity operating in the UK & India, that was launched in January 2007.The Charity runs Mobile Diabetes Units (MDU). There are currently over 3 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and another over 1 million people who have type 2 diabetes but do not yet know it. The main role of the Mobile Diabetes Unit (MDU) is to carry out important diabetes testing in the community and to promote culturally sensitive healthcare, with particular regard to the high prevalence of diabetes in the major towns and cities of Britain.

The charity runs 4 Mobile Diabetes Units (MDUs) 2 in the UK based in Leicester (The Headquarters) and London and 2 in India in Goa and Mumbai. The MDUs travel out into the community, to places of work, worship, community events, High Street and retail parks testing the public for free for diabetes and offering lifestyle advice. During these visits its staff has discovered thousands of people who have a propensity for diabetes who did not know about it.

Brightsun Travel is proud to donate to this organisation and is its appointed travel partner.

Gwalior Hospital :

We have been supporting Gwalior Children’s' Hospital Charity for quite a few years. This charity assists underprivileged children in India for education and welfare and sets up schools and hospitals, so they can build a life for themselves. We are travel partners for the Gwalior Hospital. Our ongoing work as "helping and providing for poor, disabled, orphaned and sick children in India through schools, orphanages, and health centre on site. Plus we work in forty surrounding villages through mobile clinics for IRDP including hygiene, sanitation, safe drinking water, vaccination, education, health care, maternal and child care, income generation and employment.
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The Loomba Trust :

The Loomba Trust cares for underprivileged widows throughout the world, who are left widowed through conflicts and their plight as they struggle against abuse, torture, and ridicule. We are proud to be associated with the charity and are travel partners for the Loomba Trust.
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Environment :

We understand that as a company the work we do on a day to day basis may have an impact on our supply chain, namely customers, employees, suppliers , and this will lead to an effect on the global environment. We therefore are committed to ensuring that our footprint is minimised and we conduct our business towards the environment in a responsible way.

The ethical policies that we follow :

We recommend the charity Worldland Trust which provides sustainable approach to the planet , both by planting trees and looking after wildlife preserves.

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